Current Congressional Districts


What if . . . Congressional Districts

Gerrymandering is a serious political problem that we need to do something about. The Constitution requires a census every 10 years and a proportional representation from each state per the census results. The Constitution then leaves the locations of the actual lines up to the State Legislatures.  SC is recognized as one of the most gerrymandered States in the US.

The "Current Congressional Districts" map above is the present US House of Representatives Congressional District map for SC  based on the 2010 US census. The selection of these Districts snaking through the State splitting counties and other municipalities suggest that they were drawn with a purpose. For more details on the practice and the unfair results of gerrymandering, click here.

Following the 2020 census we will have an opportunity to do a better job of representing the people of SC. The"What if . . . Congressional Districts" map is to start the discussion about how the 2020 redistricting might look. It is based on 2018 census estimates and can be finalized when 2020 numbers are  known.

No map is perfect. But perhaps as a start, we can agree to keep counties and municipalities whole in the process. This will simplify the map and allow voters and local officials to know where to turn when they need to communicate to the state and federal levels.

Like politics, results will be based on commitment to fairness and thoughtful compromise. The Constitution simply requires that each District represent nearly the same total  population. Other fairness issues become matters for courts’ decisions. Let’s make that process easier.

I will support simple and fair redistricting that the SC State Legislature will address in 2021.